Studio Rental

Individual studios are available for lease to those who seek work spaces in an environment conducive to both quiet focus and collaboration.  Tenants often enjoy sharing their expertise and perspective with one another, resulting in a rich sense of community.  Old maple floors, high ceilings, and big windows add to the beautiful and inspiring esthetic of Marshall High Studios.

The reclaimed classrooms have been updated and enhanced but still reflect the building's original character and charm.

Modern upgrades, like all new mechanicals and building-wide high speed internet, are combined with an effort to preserve original details and finishes.

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Studio Features

Standard-size studios are 640 square feet, while some studios vary in size from 180-870 square feet.  Each studio boasts great river views, along with town and/or park views, depending on location.

  • Hardwood maple floors
  • 12 foot high ceilings
  • Large operable windows
  • High speed ethernet and wifi network throughout
  • New lighting
  • Hot and cold water
  • Large sink
  • Individually controlled heat
  • Ducted fresh air ventilation
  • Old schoolroom blackboards and bulletin boards
  • Ceiling fans

MHS Exterior.JPG

Building Features

The 27,000 square foot building offers plenty of space for artists to spread out and gain inspiration from the grounds as well as their fellow artists in this distinct space.

  • Large community deck
  • Loading dock and ramp
  • 8 foot wide hallways, track lighting
  • Renovated bathrooms with mop sinks
  • Large outside covered gas kiln
  • Solar powered hot water
  • Parking for members and guests
  • 24/7 fire alarm monitoring
  • Sprinkler system throughout and large fire escapes
  • 24/7 building access to tenants

More Details

Spaces are rented with all utilities and high speed internet includedand require a one-year lease and damage deposit.  Tenants who use equipment that requires an unusual amount of electricity will have a small additional utility surcharge.

Can studio spaces be shared?
Lease agreements are made with only one lease holder who is responsible for the terms of the lease and the condition of the studio.  However, sharing studios is permissible and there are several shared studios now.  Depending on the media, two or three people can comfortably occupy one studio. Beyond that, we need to talk and there may be an additional charge.

Can I alter my studio?
We want your space to fit your needs, but we need to approve any changes or improvements before they’re made. We assume some folks may want to strip their floors, build partitions, change the lighting, alter the sink area or repaint their spaces, for instance.

I have special needs for my work. How should I address them?
We’ve already anticipated some needs - such as kiln wiring - but we invite you to talk with us prior to committing to a space.

Can I live in my studio?
No.  The Studios are designed, zoned, and intended as work spaces only, and are not legal for residential occupancy.